Flogging a dead horse?

Published on 07 May 2015 by Joe

Stop the presses! Hold on to your trousers! QB1-0 has been re-released under my own personal App Store account!

Previously I'd published it under my employers account, but owing to some changes in circumstance I've now taken full ownership.

It's been a few years since I first released the game and whilst I still intend to expand on it some day I've been occupied with a mix of my next project and family life. Not to mention the large amounts of time I spend procrastinating and browsing Reddit.

The first time round the game was largely ignored, which was not a great surprise since I'd invested no time in promoting it.

Never been one to pick up on stubborn hints, this time round I've not promoted it either. I'm a lot more active on Twitter now so that gives me a small outlet, but given that it's a re-release and not a new version I feel slightly disingenuous in promoting it fully.

Also, whilst I love the game and still find it great fun to play, I recognise that it's not going to win any originality awards. Although it does contain asteroids, which I've never seen in any other game. Coupled with my stubbornness to carry on charging a small fee for it (How dare I! In this day and age!) it's always going to be hard to shift copies.

However, it's my first released game and so has a special place in my heart. Its presence in the App Store makes me that rarest of things; an indie game developer with a finished game. So I'll carry on supporting it and rolling out little updates here and there even if I'm totally ignored in the process :)

It's all good practice for the next one, which is frankly utterly brillant and sure to win all kinds of awards.

You can read more about my trials and tribulations getting QB1-0 made elsewhere in this blog.

Download from the App Store now!

Published on 07 May 2015 by Joe
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