Spooky Pooky #1 - The Dev Log Begins

Published on 18 Jul 2014 by Joe

Welcome to the first devlog entry for my new project.

Spooky Pooky is a 2D platfomer with big pixels and 16 colours. That's right, the 1980's are back with a vengeance.

As with QB1-0 this game is written in C, initially for iOS, and OpenGL for pixels.

You play [unnamed protagonist] who stumbles across a mysterious castle/lab. Pressing buttons you shouldn't you are accidentally pookified by The Machine - all your flesh, blood and organs are stripped and scattered around the forbidding building. You must traverse the levels collecting blood and organs whilst avoiding the other macabre experiments that roam the facility.

Honest, it's not as gruesome as it sounds - not with my pixel-art skills ...

Y'know, it's for kids.

Published on 18 Jul 2014 by Joe
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