Spooky Pooky #21 - Targeting Multiple Platforms

Published on 09 May 2015 by Joe

Greetings. Wow, has it been that long?

I've been distracted by some non-gamedev things for the past couple of months but have kept picking away at Spooky Pooky in the meantime.

Here's an embryonic water level with some killer fish. Dumb but dangerous.

I've also been cleaning up some of the triggers so that levels can include single-use buttons and timed buttons/triggers that turn themselves off a short while after being activated.

Additionally I changed the logic when you hit something. Colliding with something bad costs you a life, much like many other platformers. I've kept the damage-o-meter so that I can use it once you've got some other power-ups.

Lurking over the page of my todo list are the big things - namely a PC port and audio.

To sort the port out I'm looking at using SDL 2 to wrap my init code and get hold of an OpenGL surface. I'll dualboot my Mac so I can dev/test under windows but naively I don't see too many problems.

Seems to me that the best way to get some kind of demo out into the hands of anyone who fancies a play is to go PC - iOS is just too much of a barrier to getting it out there.

Published on 09 May 2015 by Joe
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