Spooky Pooky #27 - Electrical Demons

Published on 15 Aug 2015 by Joe

So then, this week I've been continuing the elemental theme and have been crafting an electrical demon. Or something.

It's using the same approach I took with the titles but I've made it generic now.

Any sprite (including sprites in animations) can have an associated point-cloud (simply an array of vectors) indicating non-blank pixels.

At render time I can then use the algorithm I'm using with the titles to generate electrical sparks between random points in the sprite, within a threshold distance. The sparks hang about for a bit and fade out.

Nice thing about this is I can also do other things with the point-cloud, like emit particles:

The actual sprite I'm using for this is just for testing, but due to the nature of the rendering can be extremely crude:

I think you'll agree that that is just a doggone work of art. You can see now why I have to prop up the art with effects ...

Published on 15 Aug 2015 by Joe
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