Spooky Pooky #3 - Water

Published on 09 Aug 2014 by Joe

Which is faster? Glaciers or continental drift? Either way, they're both faster than my development of Spooky Pooky ...

So, what have I done since the last time?

What haven't I done?

That is to say I've succumbed to spending too long messing about with sprites and tiles and basically avoiding the more important business of fleshing out the game play. So next up is ... organ collection.

The game revolves around collecting all the blood vials on each level, plus the body part that sits in the Organ Incubator .. first up is some terrible pixel art resembling a 'human' heart - once broken free of the machine it'll bounce about like an errant puppy requiring you to chase after it to complete the level.

Or something like that.

Published on 09 Aug 2014 by Joe
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