Spooky Pooky #53 - Slime Blobs

Published on 19 Jun 2016 by Joe

Like the sunshine in an English summertime, progress on Spooky Pooky has been patchy in the month of June.

There has been an amount of cleanup in the code-base, such as removing the last references to 'levels' and replacing with 'rooms', finally cementing the game's status as a non-level based metroidvania. I've also been busy indulging in my favourite programming past-time - deleting code.

On a more constructive note I've given the slime blobs the ground-breaking ability to follow the walls to their left. Hence the test blob-cave below.

Something that's been on the list for a while is importing rotated and flipped tiles from Tiled. When I render the tile-map I use a static VBA with enough tiles to cover the screen that I offset according to the scroll-offset. I dynamically remap the texture coords for the array and resend that every frame, so to support flips and rotations (which are covered by flips about the diagonal) I simply had to fiddle with the UVs when building the per-frame texture coords.

The current plan is to chain a series of rooms together that contain all the weapons and power-ups available in the game, so that I can test them singularly and then in combinations. First step was to revisit the gain-a-powerup-organ sequence, which currently consists of finding an 'organ container' and busting it open using a button, etc.

I'm not finished with this yet as the effect underwhelms me a little, but it'll do for the moment.

Speaking of effects, I've expanded the post-processing stuff a little. I can add a post-processing effect into my drawcall at any depth - in the GIF above the red tint is added above everything except the white explosion effect - but I've only allowed for a single control parameter. So I've expanded this so that a post-processing shader can take an arbitrary 3 vec4 parameters. This finally enables me to pass in things like a colour, and/or a focal point, etc. Using this I plan to add some wibble effects focused around the player, possibly with a depth-of-field thingy too. We'll see how it goes.

I think I've got enough pieces in play now so that I can get on with implementing all of the powerups. To plan these out I've sketched out a list of progression barriers (e.g. can't reach a platform, or get past an enemy) along with potential solutions (e.g. double-jump / fly / wind-tunnel) to help me get at least the main movement powerups sorted.

That's the plan anyway. And we all know how long those last ..

Finally, when I'm tired I doodle stuff. I've been very tired recently ..

Published on 19 Jun 2016 by Joe
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